Manufacturer of voltage stabilizers

Manufacturer of voltage stabilizers, Genuine voltage stabilizer manufacturer in Vietnam – Made in VietNam


Voltage stabilizer manufacturer Northern Grid Equipment Research and Manufacturing Company (DLMB) we produce genuine voltage stabilizers under the brand Haland voltage stabilizer – EuroStanda voltage stabilizer – Kitin voltage stabilizer patented by the Department of Industrial Property. .

With 10 years of experience of a large voltage stabilizer manufacturer in Vietnam, a country of nearly 100 million people, stretching over 1650km along the longitude line and sharing the same time zone, the voltage will also easily drop in voltage. peak hours, up to now DLMB has become a large voltage stabilizer manufacturer, converging a lot of experience and optimal solutions for the most specific customers.

Understanding the underlying reason for the voltage drop at the source end is due to the quality of the transmission cable. Along with the orientation of producing equipment to overcome power quality, we at DLMB Company implemented the project. produces 1-phase and 3-phase voltage stabilizers to meet the needs of all domestic and foreign customers.

(Manufacturer of voltage stabilizers)

The country is developing and the need to use high-end electrical equipment in construction is very large. Accordingly, we have produced voltage stabilizers with modern machinery, DLMB’s electrical equipment achieves sophistication and durability. and optimal convenience; ranks among the top electrical equipment manufacturers currently on the market.

Voltage stabilizer manufacturer is not only the most famous brand in the electrical and electronic products industry in the Vietnamese market. DLMB’s voltage stabilizer products have been exported to many countries such as Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, Germany, England,… In the coming years, DLMB will try to develop export activities, bringing products voltage stabilizer to consumers around the world.

(Manufacturer of voltage stabilizers)

Synchronous voltage stabilizer production line

Our voltage stabilizer manufacturer is divided into many different workshops, ensuring high specialization, improving productivity, helping to produce high quality voltage stabilizer products at reasonable prices.

Manufacturer of voltage stabilizers With each workshop, machinery and equipment are synchronously equipped and maximally automated to create products of uniform quality and quickly reach customers.

(Manufacturer of voltage stabilizers)

A closed, highly specialized process helps improve production capacity during peak seasons, promptly meeting market demand.

Voltage stabilizer manufacturer Our company is committed to using 100% copper core wire to help increase maximum performance. All of our voltage stabilizer products are considered the most worth using because of their functionality to meet customer requirements and excellent quality. In addition, Northern Grid also has preferential policies, warranty and thoughtful customer care.

(Manufacturer of voltage stabilizers)

A team of engineers and skilled workers are well trained

As a voltage stabilizer manufacturer, we have a team of qualified staff and engineers responsible for key stages in the production process. A team of skilled, highly trained workers contributes to creating products of high, stable quality, meeting the increasingly demanding needs of customers.

Technical consultant with over 15 years of experience in the field of voltage stabilization. Many years of experience in the profession helps the company orient the development of the best products, understand the strengths and weaknesses to make the products more and more perfect.

Diversify products to serve customers

Voltage stabilizer manufacturer If we only consider the voltage stabilizer product line, we have many different products such as Haland voltage stabilizer, Eurostanda, 1-phase chitin, Haland, Eurostanda voltage stabilizer, 3-phase chitin…

In addition, our company is also known as a reputable supplier in the field of other consumer electrical equipment such as sockets, refrigerator protection devices…

Product diversification is the effort of all DLMB employees to meet the diverse needs of customers.

Customers trust the voltage stabilizer product

Voltage stabilizer manufacturer DLMB focuses on developing the retail agent system. This is the traditional customer access channel that helps us meet all customer needs for voltage stabilizers in the fastest and most direct way. Across the country, DLMB has developed more than 300 retail agents, distributing DLMB branded products such as voltage stabilizers, sockets, refrigerator protection devices, etc., which are loved by many customers. trust and accept.

(Manufacturer of voltage stabilizers)

The voltage stabilizer has a 4-year warranty

Voltage stabilizer manufacturers Haland, EuroStanda, Kitin are considered genuine voltage stabilizer brands on the market with a product warranty period of up to 4 years, the product is guaranteed with a genuine warranty. This makes many customers satisfied and highly appreciative of our voltage stabilizer manufacturer’s products.

Customers who need to contact Hotline 1900 633 550 for 24/7 customer service and advice.

Other types of voltage stabilizers with large specifications and capacities are produced according to customer orders and requirements.

(Manufacturer of voltage stabilizers)
Reasons to Choose Our Voltage Stabilizer Products.

🌸 Pure copper wire🍀 The product uses 100% copper wire, high quality durability, helps save electricity,….

🌸Genuine commitment🍀

🌸Genuine product, 100% new, in original packaging.

🌸Do not sell fake goods, old goods disguised as new goods, poor quality, etc.

🌸Thoughtful warranty🍀4-year warranty, renewal within the first 1 year.

🌸Production on demand🍀Production of other machine models with specifications upon request
For advice, support and orders, please contact the address below:

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Genuine 4 YEAR warranty


Fast response speed


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Hotline: 1900 633 550
Technical advice:(+84)932 203 866

Hotline: 1900 633 550 Technical advice:(+84)932 203 866


Factory: AN KHANH Industrial Park – HANOI-VIETNAMESE


Hotline :  1900 633 550

Fanpage:  Hà Lan


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